5 reasons why your website needs to be mobile friendly

Before we get into why your company’s website needs to be mobile friendly, here’s a quick hint if you’re wondering if it is―if you have to use your fingers to pinch or expand it, it isn’t mobile friendly. Sure, you can view it on your smart phone or tablet, but that doesn’t make it mobile friendly. It just means you are making it harder for potential customers to engage with your company.

Here are the 5 reasons why your website needs to be mobile friendly.

  1.  Websites that have been optimized for mobile devices are faster. That’s a big deal. Waiting for websites to appear or links on them to open is so 1990’s. It’s 2020; waiting second after second after second to view what you need doesn’t cut it. We are way past the age of dial-up speeds.
  2. The majority of today’s internet traffic is viewed on mobile devices. While it’s currently just north of 50%, that percentage is going up quickly.
  3. In addition to evaluating about a thousand other things, Google looks to see if a website is mobile friendly. Think about it—they want to give users the best experience possible and if a search is done on a mobile device, they don’t cotton (old Southern phrase) to sending mobile users to sites that aren’t mobile friendly. Google and Bing like responsive websites, which means they automatically adjust to fit the screens on which they’re being viewed.
  4. There’s a very good chance your competitors’ websites are. This is especially important in the event you are an ecommerce company. If you make it hard to order or preview a product, you immediately risk losing a customer. When you consider that over half of all internet traffic is conducted on mobile devices, you could be losing a lot of sales if your site isn’t mobile friendly.
  5. Managing your website once is a lot easier than having to make changes to accommodate visitors from both mobile devices and computers. You won’t have to worry about re-sizing images, video headers, or adjusting text columns.

A study from industry publication Social Media Today found that over 50% of customers who have a poor mobile experience on a company’s website are less likely to engage with them. Do the math. If over 50% of traffic is on mobile devices and over 50% of users who have a bad mobile experience are less likely to engage your company, you’re leaving money on the table if your website isn’t mobile friendly.

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