Fiber Optics promotes a greener planet

If there weren’t already enough reasons to enjoy the many benefits of MetroNet’s 100% all fiber network―incredibly durable, super reliable, scalable, corrosion free, etc.―there’s another feather in its cap. It’s a green technology. Yes, fiber optics is environmentally friendly and produces a limited carbon footprint. The only electricity used to deliver connectivity over fiber optics is due to networking equipment at the end points. Still, that use of power is minimal―fiber optics uses 4 times less electricity than coax cable.

Because fiber optics transfers data through pulses of light, there’s no electrical current required. There’s no reliance on the power grid to transmit those 1’s and 0’s. And by not using electrical current, fiber poses no fire hazard. Because fiber optics doesn’t generate heat, it greatly reduces power required to cool data centers and networking equipment rooms. And if you’ve ever been in a data center, you know how cold they have to keep it.

Fiber Optics to the rescue

Coaxial cable requires copper, and somebody has to mine it. That requires considerable power, and its extraction has frequently contaminated the surrounding land and vegetation. And it’s estimated that repairs to fiber occur 50%-75% less often than those for coax. That means fewer trucks on the road and fewer emissions.

Along with high-speed, reliable data transmission, fiber optics is used in other areas. The sales of fiber strings as a means to bring cheer to Christmas trees has skyrocketed in the past 5 years. It’s lighting Santa’s goal to deliver presents to the world’s good girls and boys. How can you not like that?

Along with electric vehicles and households that require less power due to automation, fiber optics is right there with them on the green front. For years it has been voted as one of the top green technologies available.

MetroNet and our use of fiber is promoting a greener, healthier planet. It’s far and away the best transport medium of today and will be for generations to come.