MetroNet’s site surveys take the guesswork out of securing new communications services for your business.

MetroNet’s Business Services are installed by tenured, highly trained field technicians who are experienced at setting up and thoroughly testing all MetroNet Business Services. No hardware purchases are required. There are no hidden installation fees. MetroNet removes the headaches and hassles often associated with ordering new service.

By utilizing MetroNet Business Services, you’ll enjoy the benefits of:

A MetroNet Site Survey
Prior to installation, a MetroNet field technician will conduct a thorough site survey to ensure the installation of your services is seamless and on-time.

MetroNet-provided hardware
MetroNet utilizes the latest, most robust commercial grade hardware available in the industry.

No Hidden Installation Fees
You won’t receive your initial MetroNet invoice and wonder where the additional charges came from, what they’re for, and why you weren’t told about them ahead of time.

Skip the headaches and hassles
Switching service providers can seem daunting, but by selecting MetroNet, you’ll enjoy what our business customers have for over 15 years―seamless installations that don’t interrupt business operations.

All required permitting handled by MetroNet
If special permits are required, our service professionals will secure them well ahead of time so your installation won’t be delayed.