By bundling MetroNet Business Services, you’ll no longer have to:

Pay non-competitive rates,

Manage multiple vendors,

Maintain multiple contracts, and

Decipher bills and language from different providers.

By bundling MetroNet Services, you’ll save more than money. You’ll save another precious commodity—time.

Bundling MetroNet Business Services is a great way to consolidate your services and receive one bill.

Today, a complete business communications solution extends well beyond phones, conference calls and faxes. It’s about:

  • Accessing cloud services,
  • Sending and receiving emails,
  • Uploading large, mission critical files,
  • Enjoying the benefits of VoIP,
  • Launching video and audio conferences, and
  • Seamlessly connecting remote offices, whether they are across town or located on another continent.

MetroNet makes it not only easy to utilize those services, but affordable. You can bundle any or all of MetroNet’s business services—Fiber Internet, Phones, WAN connectivity, and Business Television and Music Streaming—to drive down your communications costs and free up budget for other projects or initiatives.