Key Features

Secure connections

Scalable speeds

Easy access to files, applications and tool sets

No specialized hardware required

Cost-effective pricing

Whether your employees are across town or span the globe, MetroNet’s Business WAN Service can bring them together like they’re across the hall.

Our WAN solutions are delivered across our 100% all fiber network, so collaborating won’t be met with delays or latency, even if you’re utilizing a bandwidth-heavy application like video conferencing.

MetroNet Business WAN customers enjoy:

Highly secure connectivity
MetroNet’s 100% all-fiber network securely supports large file transfer, video streaming, data storage, medical imaging, cell tower backhaul and cloud computing.

Scalable bandwidth options to meet your WAN needs
MetroNet’s Fiber WAN enables you to connect multiple worksites at scalable options, from 20 Mbps to 1 Gbps.

Quick, easy access and sharing of large, mission critical files between locations
MetroNet’s Fiber WAN delivers flexibility that enables remote sites to share mission-critical, time sensitive content, and graphic-rich files seamlessly across an integrated network.

No specialized hardware required
Fiber WAN is a true Native Ethernet connection, which requires no additional wiring or cabling.

Cost-effective pricing
MetroNet’s Fiber WAN isn’t mileage-based, so connecting the most remote office is as inexpensive as connecting one across town.

Tailored to meet the needs of businesses large and small
Whether you’re connecting small remote offices or large data centers, MetroNet’s Business WAN Service can scale to meet your needs and budget.