For more information on installing MetroNet’s 100% high-speed fiber services in your MDU properties, contact: Business-MDU

Improve Your Residents' Experience and Your Bottom Line

Increase the value of your property by installing MetroNet 100% fiber gigabit speed in every unit.  MetroNet can help you attract more residents to your Senior Living Centers, Apartment and Condo Complexes, and Student Campus Housing with lightning-fast Internet, TV entertainment packages they love, reliable Phone services, and complete Wi-Fi coverage they depend on.

Enhance Your Tenant’s Experience with MetroNet 100% Fiber Solutions

  • Symmetrical internet with equally fast upload and download speeds that match today’s work from home and streaming needs
  • Reliable phone connection with multiple calling features
  • Consistent high performance Wi-Fi allowing tenants to automatically connect devices anywhere on the property
  • Complete TV entertainment packages with on demand streaming video services
  • Easy internet and video upgrade options

Drive New, Recurring Revenue Stream

  • Generate additional revenue at prices you set
  • Set your property apart from the competition with superior products and services
  • Attract and retain tenants with essential high speed amenities
  • MetroNet 100% fiber solution distinguishes your property from your competition
  • Professional, clean, and fast installation direct to each unit
  • One MetroNet Business invoice for simplified billing
  • One point of contact with a dedicated territory account executive
  • Outstanding 24/7 Customer Care Support