Business Service Installation Questions

For additional questions regarding a pending Business Installation, please contact MetroNet Business Customer Care Staff, available day or night, at (888) 664-1348.

When will my service be installed?
After your paperwork is turned into Business Ordering Processing (BOP), you will receive an email with your Account Number and the next step in the installation process.
Do I need to be on site for installation? How long will it take?
Someone will need to be available on site during the installation of your services, which can sometimes require 1-3 appointments, each varying from 2-4 hours. Our technicians will make sure your phone, TV, and high-speed internet services are all working to your satisfaction. There are some situations that cause the installation to extend beyond these time periods.
What if I have to reschedule?
Switching your phone service requires coordination between your current phone provider and MetroNet. If you must reschedule your installation, please contact us at (888) 664-1348 as soon as possible.
Should I do anything to prepare?
  • It is recommended that a phone or IT vendor be onsite during installation. MetroNet will not be responsible for any costs incurred by the phone and Internet vendor.
  • There must be power to the area where Metronet Equipment (ONT) will be installed.
  • The area where equipment is to be installed must be safely accessible and free of clutter.
  • If new construction or Remodeling, walls must be up to install ONT.
  • Per the Metronet Service Agreement, MetroNet is responsible for service up to the MetroNet DMARC (ONT). Anything beyond the DMARC (including phone & data (Ethernet) outlets/jacks) is the customer’s internal network and the business owner’s financial responsibility to contact IT and/or Phone vendor for installation, support and/or repairs relating to customer’s internal network.
  • Vendors will be responsible for locating all lines prior to the Installation Date provided by MetroNet and will be responsible for connecting Customer’s internal phone system to MetroNet’s demarcation point.
  • If phone numbers are being ported, phone vendor must be present on the Installation Date to move phone lines. Customer will be responsible for scheduling the Phone Vendor on the Installation Date and shall pay all expenses associated with the Phone Vendor.
Will my phone service be interrupted?
If you are keeping your same phone numbers from your previous provider, your phone service will be unavailable for approximately 15 minutes. We understand that a loss of service may be inconvenient, so we offer both morning and afternoon installations to ensure minimal disruption.

Will my TV(s) work with your service?
MetroNet Fiber IPTV is compatible with any type of television. However, if you have chosen our HDTV service, you will need to have an HDTV compatible television in order to view high definition channels. IPTV may not be available in your area.

Do I need any extra equipment for my phone to make the service work?
MetroNet phone service works with any type of phone. However, to view Caller ID name/number, you will need to provide an appropriate display unit or phone with Caller ID display capabilities. Please note that with our phone service you cannot receive inbound or outbound collect calls. If you require the need to accept collect calls, please call us at (888) 664-1348.

What type of equipment and wiring will I need?
Our technicians will assess all work needed to complete the installation and check compatibility of your existing equipment. The technician will also check for outlet availability when TV service is being requested. If additional installation services are needed, additional charges may apply. Contact your phone vendor for any questions regarding the compatibility of your phone system equipment.

MetroNet does not support or program customer-owned routers. It is the business owner’s financial responsibility to contact an IT vendor for router support. If your business requires a router, MetroNet offers a Managed Router service for a monthly fee. MetroNet’s Managed Router will support no more than one static IP.

If a charge card machine or fax is required, we recommend that this equipment is installed on a dedicated line, and that the phone/IT vendor is contacted to check for compatibility with fiber.

The Optical Network Terminal (ONT) will be installed, which enables MetroNet to provide service to your business. When an ONT/fiber drop is installed, MetroNet is responsible for service up to the DMARC point (ONT). Anything beyond the DMARC is the customer’s internal network and the business owner’s financial responsibility to contact an IT vendor for support and/or repairs.

What can I expect on my first bill?
Your first bill will be prorated. Like other telecommunications companies, we bill one month in advance. This means your first bill will be higher than normal. This bill will include the period of time from your installation date to your billing date, as well as your first full month of services plus taxes and fees. If you have questions regarding your bill, please call (888) 664-1348.

Should I cancel my existing service?
Please do not cancel any of your services until after MetroNet has installed the services that you’ve ordered. If you are keeping your same phone number, MetroNet will work with your current provider to port your telephone number. If you are getting a new number and have an existing telephone number with another provider, you will be responsible for canceling your current telephone number. For internet and cable services, once the transition to MetroNet equipment is completed by your IT contact, it is your responsibility to cancel previous services.

Who should I contact if I have questions?
For inquiries regarding your services, billing, or any general questions, please contact Business Customer Care (888) 664-1348.